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We Care about our Environment

In our quest for more GREEN and energy sustainable business, we decide to engage some GREEN Workshops in Singapore.

We are in a sustainable business, thus we have community project and workshops eg, Parents and kids Bonding, Senior Citizens' "Enrich your life in an eco-friendly way. ", such as, urban gardening, Terrarium Workshop. In this programme, our community will learn the skills to create and maintain their own healthy happy terrariums that are cheap to create and super easy to maintain.

Bringing Nature into your house

If you cannot bring yourself to the Garden, then bring the Garden into your house!

A terrarium is an enclosed space that is home to a particular type of plant or animal, or a simulation of a particular type of ecosystem.  The word “terrarium” actually means “dry environment that requires little moisture.”  So, making a terrarium is a great hobby for people who love nature but perhaps may not be the best with plants.

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